HR Trends in Africa: Recruiting Returning African Nationals

According to Deloitte’s Spotlight on Africa: HR and Global Mobility Trends and Approaches in Africa report, 56 percent of companies reported an increase in hiring African nationals who are returning to Africa after working or studying overseas. This is encouraging! After all, returning Africans come back with new skills, experiences, networks, ideas, and perspectives that can be beneficial to employers and the continent as a whole over time. 

However, that same report found that only 18 percent of companies are actually doing something to encourage their return. In addition, 82 percent of companies do not have a separate policy for facilitating moves into Africa.

So, let’s take a look at some steps returning nationals and employers alike can take to ease the transition.


Two of the most common drivers behind moves into Africa are skill transfer and senior management. Whether you’re recruiting an IT expert to lead your technical team or a C-level executive to lead the company, it’s important to be competitive. 

Of course, the salary should be competitive, but there’s more to consider. According to Deloitte, the most common compensation approaches include:

  • International medical

  • Home leave

  • Housing allowance

  • Relocation allowance

  • Children’s education allowance

  • Home pension contribution

Security in certain African countries is a big concern among returning nationals, making recruiting them more challenging. Not only must the job be a good fit with appropriate compensation, providing security support is essential. Most companies (about 67 percent according to Deloitte) offer a security briefing but security support drops off from there. Other ways you can approach security for returning nationals include:

  • Additional housing support

  • Private driver

  • Embassy registration support

  • Security guard 

While you may have an incredible compensation and benefits package and offer excellent security support for high risk areas, are you among the 18 percent of companies with a plan to actively encourage returning nationals to work for your organization? Or are you leaving it to chance? Advertising on NumberTrend is an excellent way to get in front of highly qualified African professionals currently working or studying abroad and longing to return home to Africa.


 As a candidate considering returning to Africa, you’ll likely face a few challenges in your journey including: 

  • Finding suitable employment 

  • Relocating

Conducting a job search online has become the new normal, but it’s a little trickier when you’re searching from a different continent. NumberTrend is a job search engine specifically focused on jobs in Africa, helping to make your job search that much easier. Make sure to read the online employer reviews from previous and current employees to get a better sense of the organization’s culture before spending time and effort on employers who are not a good fit for you.

Because you’ll be relocating from afar, relocation, and potentially security, expenses are a real concern and should be addressed with the employer. Although most employers in Africa do not actively recruit returning nationals or have a formal policy in place for moves into Africa, many will be open to having a conversation about what it will take to bring you onboard. If the company is a good fit for you, broach the subject and get that conversation started.

Whether you’re an employer or job candidate, NumberTrend is here for you. Sign up for a free account today.

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