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Product Design Engineer

FrancordSoft is looking for an experienced product design engineer for our Accra, Ghana office. We are a software development firm who brings exciting, much-needed software to the African market including a continent-wide job search engine and digital sports programming. As a FrancordSoft product design engineer, you would be part of a team responsible for creating and developing new products for the African market as well as improve existing ones.

•    Determine design requirements
•    Design new products
•    Determine external and system requirements
•    Evaluate product 
•    Seek feedback from others
•    Develop and maintain product standards
•    Develop user interface and user experience requirements

•    Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, information technology, software engineering, business or marketing, or a related field
•    2 or more years of software-based product design experience
•    Creative and comfortable working with computer aided drafting design software
•    Good concept generation skills
•    Good sketching, written, and oral communications skills
•    UI and UX design experience

Job Type: Full time

FrancordSoft is a software development company serving government and private sector clients in the United States and Africa. Our projects include Ducor Sports, a popular digital sports network focused on African sports, technology, and culture, as well as NumberTrend, an innovative job search engine. We are looking for an experienced product design engineer who is excited about working in a fast-paced environment for a growing company.

Hours: Full-time from 9:00am to 6:00pm; Monday to Friday
Location: Accra, Ghana
Compensation and Benefits: Negotiable based on experience
Start Date: Immediately

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