about number trand

Rewarding Careers

NumberTrend, a job search engine serving Africa and its diaspora, helps match job seekers looking for rewarding careers in Africa with the best employers on the continent. By utilizing real reviews from former and current employers, we provide an insider’s view as to what it’s really like working for companies across Africa. The best of the best rise to the top, allowing job seekers to focus on employers with excellent reputations. Meanwhile, they can avoid wasting their time applying for jobs with low-rated employers, saving them the heartache of a bad match.

Innovative Platform

Our innovative platform enables job seekers to become more selective and find the best jobs for their unique skillsets and cultural preferences. At the same time, its transparent and competitive nature compels companies to improve their practices. In order for Africa to live up to its potential, its job market must evolve — and NumberTrend is committed to helping it do just that by matching educated professionals from all of Africa and its large international diaspora with the companies that value and reward their talents.
about number trand

Our Mission

NumberTrend’s mission is to change Africa's employment practices — for the better — and combat the problem of “brain drain.” Improving working conditions and fostering a competitive job search environment throughout the continent is one way to bring professionals back to Africa and keep the brightest young men and women from leaving in the first place. Our review system holds employers accountable while also highlighting worthy companies.

Our Vision

NumberTrend intends to change the job market in Africa — for the better. We want to discover Africa’s greatest employment opportunities and match them with Africa’s greatest talent. We envision a vibrant African job market, one that encourages local talent to stay in Africa while enticing those in the diaspora to come back. We want to inspire employers to create rewarding workplaces and organizational cultures that value employees. We envision authentic working relationships and professional opportunities that, in turn, will contribute to Africa’s emergence as a thriving self-sufficient continent.