NumberTrend provides job seekers and employers with a robust toolset. Whether logging in on our website or using our mobile app, users can access a variety of features to help them stand out from the crowd. Here’s a quick look at how NumberTrend works for job seekers and employers.

Job seekers

  • Create a profile — Your profile is your first impression, so take the time to make it shine. We recommend uploading a professional headshot and highlighting information relevant to employers such as your education, experience, and skills. Your profile is only viewable to employers when you apply for a job, and any anonymous reviews you have made will not be visible.
  • Start a job search — Search for jobs that match your talents. Filter results based on job location, salary, qualifications, company culture, and more. Sign up for alerts when new jobs are posted.
  • Read company reviews — Get real world insights from former and current employees who share their honest opinions and experiences. These reviews could point you in the right direction or help you to avoid a bad situation.
  • Submit anonymous reviews — The power of NumberTrend relies on reviews from people like you. Share your experiences, good or bad, that you’ve had as an employee to help other job seekers better understand the companies they’re considering.


  • Create a company profile —This is a great way to communicate who you are as a company. In addition to standard company information such as your mission and vision statements, include as much information as you can about what makes your company a great employer. Job seekers want to know as much as they can about your company, its values, and its organizational culture.
  • Post job listings — — Post current job listings and prepare to respond as applications start coming in.
  • • Feature and respond to company reviews — If any of your current or former employees have submitted reviews of your company, they’ll appear on your company profile. You’ll have the opportunity to feature your favorites as well as respond to feedback.
  • Advertise your job listings — Increase visibility by upgrading to one of our paid accounts or invest in display ads.