NumberTrend’s mission is to change Africa's employment practices — for the better — and combat the problem of “brain drain.”

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We want to discover Africa’s greatest employment opportunities and match them with Africa’s greatest talent.

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We envision a vibrant African job market, one that encourages local talent to stay in Africa while enticing those in the diaspora to come back.

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Most Reviewed Company

Many of Africa’s largest employers are among our most reviewed companies on NumberTrend due to the sheer fact of their large workforce. Companies with high turnover may also receive a high number of reviews, serving as a potential warning to job seekers that employee retention is not a priority.

Chemonics International



Highly Rated Company

Our highly rated companies list highlights some of the best companies to work for in Africa. Whether they pay competitive salaries, have amazing benefits, or have created a culture that employees value, this list is filled with good companies to consider working for.

Chemonics International



Most In-demand Jobs

Which jobs are hot in Africa right now? Our most in-demand jobs list details the jobs that have a large number of openings across Africa. If your skills and background fit, these jobs could be among the most lucrative for you. Likewise, you could have more leverage when negotiating salary, benefits, or hours.

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Product Marketing Manage....

Product Design Engineer

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