New Collar Workers —The New Education / Skill Model

Over the last few centuries the nature of work — and how we prepare ourselves for work — has changed dramatically. While steam engines and mass production may seem quaint when compared to cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the industrial revolution transformed entire continents from largely rural to industrial societies. Practically everything changed: farming, manufacturi..

What’s in a Name? The Story Behind NumberTrend

W’ve been asked on several occasions about the name NumberTrend. So, let’s break it down. For us, a company focused on matching job seekers with employers in Africa, it’s all about the numerical analysis and movement of Africa's economic and jobs data: Employment, unemployment, youth unemployment, literacy, GDP, salaries, new firm creation, entrepreneurship, labor force participation, ea..

Tips for Researching Potential Employers

Whether you’ve just started an online job search or are preparing for an upcoming job interview, learning as much as you can about potential employers can help you to make smarter, well-informed decisions as well as make a good impression. After all, knowing that a company is a good or bad match for your skills, personality, or career path could lead to a position you love as well as save..